Tsunami Rashguard

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Bad Boy Tsunami Rash Guard

The Bad Boy Tsunami Rash Guard is designed with a stretch and lightweight fabric that locks your muscles and protect your body from torso to arms during workouts or fights. 

Built to move.

Featuring a 4D ultra-stretch fabric, the Bad Boy Tsunami Rash Guard acts like a base layer, moving just like you, for extreme flexibility.

It benefits from ergonomic seams that hugs the body for a smooth feel and snug comfort.

Worn under your fighting or training top, it helps keep you dry and comfortable thanks to its sweat-wicking fabric. 

Protection and support.

The Bad Boy Tsunami Rash Guards is made with a polyester blend that provides a locked-in fit at training and on fight day.

More supported, your muscles are boosted for superior performance and faster recovery.

Thick and resistant, its micro-fabric protects you from scratches, burns and small injuries that could be infected by bacteria during your workouts and competitions.